Watermelon Sugar Song Lyrics | Harry Styles | 2020

Watermelon Sugar Song Lyrics

Watermelon Sugar Song Lyrics

A robust bop with an ensemble completely intended for reciting in an arena (which is useful, as he’ll be playing two dates at the O2 as a major aspect of his forthcoming visit) there’s mysticism to it, tastelessness to it, and effortlessness that implies you’ll have it caught in your mind for quite a long time once you’ve tuned in. On the off chance that you thought his Met Gala outfit would have been the best thing he did for the current year, Fine Line is turning out to be significantly more charming than that hanging pearl hoop.

Genre: Rock | Funk-pop | Indie pop
Album: Fine Line
Bradley & Pablo
Producer: Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson, Harry Styles, Mitch Rowland, and Kid Harpoon (as Thomas Hull)
Harry Styles
Label: Erskine | Columbia
Runtime: 2M 53S
Filming Location: Malibu, California

Watermelon Sugar Song Lyrics Review

As energy increase for Harry Styles’ sophomore collection, Fine Line, the previous One Direction part’s strangely named “Watermelon Sugar” was dropped not long before he showed up on Saturday Night Live a weekend ago. The song reminds me of WAP Song Lyrics by Cardi B and Megan Thee. It’s funny how both these songs received an almost a competitive lot of criticism. Lyrics are Hot, sexy, and music that will turn you on.

Where “Lights Up” was dusk, provocative, and smashed loaded with all the melodic signifiers of steamy misery, “Watermelon Sugar” is greater, brassier, more sentimental. Anticipate that it should soundtrack some lovemaking in the following arrangement of Riverdale, and I imply that as a commendation.

What some have called attention to is that it bears some similitude to the name of Richard Brautigan’s dystopian capriccio In Watermelon Sugar: a book that investigates a civilization toward the finish of the word, where things are produced using trout oil and the nominal watermelon sugar, tigers can do the math and the vestiges of the world lie in piles just past a gathering known as “iDeath”. This, as well, appears to have a small bearing on the tune, which is so audaciously tempting that it nearly causes you to overlook the words “trout oil” would actually be related to its name.


Harry Styles is an English Singer, Songwriter, and actor whose genre in the Music industry is Pop and Rock. He got his name registered for studio albums, video album, singles, Music videos, and one promotional single. His very first solo single “Sign of the Times” was number one on the UK Singles Chart. He has released two of his Studio albums so far. The first one was after his own name ” Harry Styles” released on 12 May 2017.

The second one is “Fine Line” released on 13 December 2019. The music video of a very few of his singles is released including Kiwi, Lights Up, Adore You, Sign Of The Times, and Failing, to be specific. The video of Watermelon Sugar was released recently in May 2020. It was a very criticized video with the already much-criticized lyrics released in 2019. But as we say Haters gonna hate. Enjoy the list of the songs by Harry Styles and Watermelon Sugar song Lyrics.

  1. Fine Line(2019)
    • Lights Up
    • Adore You
    • Failing
    • Golden
    • Cherry
    • To Be So Lonely
    • She
    • Sunflower, Vol. 6
    • Canyon Moon
    • Treat People with Kindness
    • Fine Line
    • Golden
    • Cherry
    • To Be So Lonely
    • She
    • Sunflower, Vol.6
    • Canyon Moon
    • Treat People with Kindness
    • Fine Line
    • Watermelon Sugar

2. Harry Styles(2020)

    • Sign Of The Times
    • Two Ghosts
    • Meet Me in the Hallway
    • Carolina
    • Only Angel
    • Ever Since New York
    • Woman
    • From the Dining Table
    • Kiwi

Release Details

Official Sites: YouTube
Country: Global
Language: English
Music Release Date: 16 November 2019
Video Release Date: 18 May 2020