Ice Cream Song Lyrics | Blackpink | Selena Gomez

Ice Cream Song Lyrics | Blackpink | Selena Gomez | 2020

Ice Cream Song Lyrics
Ice Cream Song Lyrics

The song is a playful collaboration between Blackpink and Selena Gomez. The pastel-colored world, the polka dots shorts, the pastel pinup looks. The dress-up and background of Selena Gomez are full of the 50s vibes. The song is a throwback to the sweet times of Gomez’s earlier videos. K-POP meets America and set the Internet with playful magic.

Genre: K-POP meets American Ice Cream Song Lyrics
Song Type: Singles
Artist: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, Lisa, Selena Gomez
Label: YG, Interscope
Producers: Teddy, Tommy Brown, 24, Mr. Franks
Lyricists: Selena Gomez, Teddy, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét and Bekuh Boom
Runtime: 2M 56S
Filming Location: South Korea, US Ice Cream Song Lyrics

Ice Cream Song Lyrics Review

The Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, Lisa from Blackpink, model in bright florals and plaids with the 90s vibes. The sweet girls selling Ice Cream in the pastel world is the best summer treat. The song is not as great as the other releases by Blackpink. The fans love this song because of the artists and the video. It seems like Selena is featuring Blackpink through “Ice cream”. The attempt at the song is not at par with the standard set by the Blackpink.

Some More Information

Earlier this year Blackpink collaborated with Lady Gaga. The fans loved the collab in “Sour Candy”. The song by Blackpink “How you like it” broke the 24-hour viewing record of You-Tube. It had 82.4 views within a day of the release. Ice Cream Song Lyrics by K-POP girls and Selena Gomez are also well received by the fans. Ice Cream Song Lyrics

The Ice Cream song also indicates loosely to the cooking show that Selena is part of. “Selena + Chef” will stream in September 2020 on HBO MAX. In this show, Chefs from all over the world teach Selena to cook. The shooting is done remotely for this show.

The K-POP artists of Blackpink and Selena have declared that they have been fans of each other. Selena finds the Blackpink girls, fun, and sweet to work with. On the other hand, recently famed Blackpink confirm to have loved Selena’s songs since always.


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Release Details

Official Sites: YouTube
Country: Global
Language: English, Korean
Release Date: 28 August 2020

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