Entrepreneur Song Lyrics | Pharrell Williams | Ft. JAY-Z

Entrepreneur Song Lyrics | Pharrell Williams | Ft. JAY-Z | 2020

Entrepreneur Song Lyrics
Entrepreneur Song Lyrics

The song by Pharrell Williams and Jazzy-Z celebrates the success of the black people in the USA. Even after all the difficulties that the Afro-Americans have to face because of their color has been addressed in the song. The breakthrough that they have made even despite their hardships and difficulties has been tremendously displayed. This amazing attempt reaches the heart right when we hear “Black Man! Black Man! ” in the background. Did you feel the Entrepreneur Song Lyrics yet?

Genre: Slow Hip Hop and Orchestral
Song Type: Singles
Artist: Pharrell Williams
Feat: JAY-Z
Label: Columbia Records
Director: Calmatic
Producers: Candice Dragonas, Tina Pavlides & Lola Ridgell
Lyricists: Chad Hugo, JAY-Z & Pharrell Williams
Runtime: 5M 29S


The video is amazing, the attempt by Pharrell is worthy enough to steal the heart of the world. starring random people from all over the USA with successful life as “Entrepreneurs”. The concept is as amazing as it can get. Especially in the time when what it can be called “America’s Revolution” this song raises respect for Black people. The timing of the song is almost perfect. Black people need respect in the USA. and, so they need the

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Just because of the color, the black people are treated as inferiors. The conservative minds who differentiate people on the basis of color and caste still exist in the world. But black men have seen enough. People like George Floyd, Adama Traoré, Robert L. Fuller and the list is long enough to be discussed. Their death was brutal, so were the clips of their life. There have been so many such instances just because blacks are not considered up to par with the white people. If we look at the overall thought process, this just seems a very stupid thing to do. But this insane mentality has affected the generation of Afro- American Black Men.


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Official Sites: YouTube
Country: Global
Language: English
Release Date: 20 August 2020

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