Cry About It Later Song Lyrics | Katy Perry | Smile Video Series | 2020

Cry About It Later Song Lyrics

Cry About It Later Song Lyrics

The animation video of pop music is eye-catchy. It rejuvenates the princess tales and catches attention very quickly. Cry About It Later Song Lyrics are all about a strong woman trying to beat the odds of relationship to have a little fun. “Tonight I’m Having Fun, I will cry about it later”.

Genre: Pop | Animation
Song Type: Mix
Album: Smile
Singer: Katy Perry
Lyricists: Sasha Sloan, Noonie Bao, Oscar Holter, Katy Perry
Label: Capitol Records, LLC
Director: Sykosan
Producers: Brian Covalt
Executive Producer: Sara Nix
Animation Production: Future Power Station
Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
Production Company: Partizan Entertainment X
Runtime: 3M 15S
Filming Location: USADil Chahte Ho Song Lyrics

Cry About It Later Song Lyrics Review

Cry About It Later song lyrics links all the fairy tales with the reality of life. The girl turned gay after she realizes that men cannot meet her expectations. Or that man cannot give emotional satisfaction, so the girl had to incline towards the same gender. Girls might frown at it or might agree to it. But it was an unexpected turn to the story. Also a much-enjoyed one.

Since the news of the launch of the album, it has been linked to the private life of Katy Perry. Her phase of depression, break up with her then-boyfriend. Ultimately affected her career. All the songs in the Smile album talk about love, hope, self-help, empowerment, light, and resilience.


Smile is the sixth solo album of Katy Perry. It outlines the empowerment and self-help. Perry calls it “a journey towards the light”.  Dil Chahte Ho Song Lyrics

1. Never Really Over

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Dagny Sandvik, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill, Gino Barletta, Hayley Warner, Anton Zaslavski, Leah Cooney, Daniel James
Producer: Zedd, Dreamlab
Runtime: 3M 43S

2. Cry About It Later

Lyricist: Perry, Alexandra Yatchenko, Jonnali Parmenius, Oscar Holter
Producer: Holter, Peter Karlsson
Runtime: 3M 09S

3. Teary Eyes

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Michael Pollack, Madison Love, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Andrew Goldstein
Producer: Goldstein, Oscar Görres
Runtime: 3M 02S

4. Daisies

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Jonathan Bellion, Pollack, Hindlin, Jordan K. Johnson, Stefan Johnson
Producer: The Monsters & Strangerz, Gian Stone
Runtime: 2M 54S

5. Resilient

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Ferras Alqaisi, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen
Producer: Stargate
Runtime: 3M 07S

6. Not the End of the World

Lyricist: Katy Perry Pollack, Love Hindlin, Goldstein
Producer: Goldstein, Görres
Runtime: 2M 58S

7. Smile

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Brittany “Starrah” Hazzard, Alqaisi, Oliver “Obligee” Goldstein, Josh Abraham, Anthony Criss, Benny Golson, Kier Gist, Vincent Brown
Producer: Abraham, Oligee, G Koop
Runtime: 2M 46S

8. Champagne Problems

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Hindlin, John Ryan, Johan Carlsson, Ian Kirkpatrick
Producer: Carlsson, Ryan, Karlsson
Runtime: 3M 16S

9. Tucked

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Alqaisi, Hindlin, Ryan, Carlsson
Producer: Carlsson, Ryan, Karlsson
Runtime: 3M 07S

10. Harleys in Hawaii

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Charlie Puth, Hindlin, Carlsson
Producer: Puth, Carlsson, Karlsson
Runtime: 3M 05S

11. Only Love

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Sophie Cooke, Andrew Jackson
Producer: John De Bold, Svent Lerche
Runtime: 3M 18S

12. What Makes a Woman

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Sarah Hudson, Hindlin, Ryan, Carlsson
Producer: Carlsson, Elvia Anderfjard, Karlsson
Runtime: 2M 11S

13. Never Worn White

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Hindlin, Ryan, Carlsson
Producer: Carlsson, Karlsson
Runtime: 3M 45S

14. Small Talk

Lyricist: Katy Perry, Hindlin, Puth, Carlsson
Producer: Carlsson, Karlsson, Puth
Runtime: 2M 41S



Katy Perry’s first album “Katy Hudson” was an epic failure. The second album was with the label Capitol and two of her songs received RIAA. Perry sings promotional singles, live songs, features as a lead guest. Mostly she is known for her albums. Enjoy the list of singles by Katy Perry and Cry About It Later Song Lyrics below.

  1. Kissed a Girl
  2. Hot n Cold
  3. Thinking of You
  4. Waking Up in Vegas
  5. California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  6. Teenage Dream
  7. Firework
  8. T. (featuring Kanye West)
  9. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
  10. The One That Got Away
  11. Part of Me
  12. Wide Awake
  13. Hummingbird Heartbeat
  14. Roar
  15. Unconditionally
  16. Dark Horse(featuring Juicy J)
  17. Birthday
  18. This Is How We Do
  19. Rise
  20. Chained to the Rhythm (featuring Skip Marley)
  21. Bon Appétit (featuring Migos)
  22. Swish Swish (Ft Nicki Minaj)
  23. Save as Draft
  24. Hey Hey Hey
  25. Cozy Little Christmas
  26. 365 (with Zedd)
  27. Con Calma (Remix) (with Daddy Yankee Ft Snow)

Release Details

Official Sites: YouTube
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 28 August 2020